October 20-November 5: India

I will never forget the people of India – the extraordinary women, the strong, silent men and the beautiful children. Working with Vatsalya at the Udayan campus and in Jaipur was amazing. I will miss my starry nights under the Indian sky and the lovely meals with the children of Udayan. Making my way to Pushkar for the camel fair was an interesting diversion before leaving India on Saturday. I am sorry to miss the Mr Mustache competition tomorrow but it is time to move on.

I have to thank Jaimala & Hitesh Gupta with Vatsalya, Erin O’Brien from NYC, our trusty Indian driver Devender and of course the terrific kids who made the trip more rewarding and productive than I could have imagined. I will continue digging through images as I make my way on the bumpy road to Kathmandu.

For more information about Vatsalya or to make a donation, please contact Jaimala Gupta a jaimala@vatsalya.org.

ram ram~